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Crowdsensing-based Infrastructure Monitoring

Pavement Crack Detection using GoPro and Deep Learning

Cracks on road surfaces are early signs for potential damage in the pavements and in the supporting structures. In this project, a sport camera, GoPro, was mounted on the back of a moving vehicle for road data collection. Deep learning algorithms were developed to automatically identify cracks on pavement surfaces. This project has the potential to provide the health conditions of the city roads very quickly with reduced cost and increased efficiency.

Bridge Health Monitoring using Smartphones in Vehicles

This project presented a novel framework to identify the potential damage in bridges using smartphones in a large number of moving vehicles. Numerical analysis and laboratory experiments we conducted showed the potential of this framework to monitor a population of bridge simultaneously with the participation of general public.

Design Automation

Integration of Natural Language Processing with Generative Design

This project aims to integrate natural lanauge processing with generative design methods to enable a complete workflow from natural lanauge to automated structural design. (Credit: Youssef Elgouhari and George Felobes) 

Smart Construction

Intelligent Monitoring Technologies to Improve Construction Safety and Productivity

This project aims to develop AI and Computer Vision-based algorithms to automatically provide timely feedback and prediction regarding the unsafe behaviour of workers and the presence of hazards in construction workplaces. 

Other Projects (at SPS Technology)

Numerical Analysis of Grounding Events of a Barge using Abaqus

Barges are suffering from grounding events. This project involved investigating the behavior of a full barge under these grounding events. Sandwich plate system (SPS), a patented structural composite material comprising two metal plates bonded with a solid polyurethane elastomer core, was then designed and overlaid to the bottom of the barge according to the simulation results to protect it from such events.

Nonlinear Analysis and Experimental Verification of A SPS Column Protector

Sandwich plate system (SPS) is a patented structural composite material comprising two metal plates bonded with a solid polyurethane elastomer core. In this project, SPS was used to design a column protector to prevent serious consequences caused by the impact of heavy trucks. Both simulations and experiments were conducted.

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